The Top Virtual Prepaid Card: Link Node

3 min readApr 28, 2020

WageCan has had the pleasure of working closely with our new partner, Link Node, which has proven itself to be an extremely valuable brand. The multiple flexible functions offered by Link Node has also shown remarkable adaptability to the challenging moment in history under the impact of COVID-19.

EVERYTHING you need to know about Link Node

Link Node Gift Card

A cutting edge payment tool


Get Link Node─an instant online prepaid card. It’s time to pay vendors with virtual solutions that go beyond the plastic. We help solve the cryptocurrency payment problem which most online vendors only accept card payment, while still allowing you to purchase and keep your privacy with our instant online prepaid card.

Generate card instantly and easily

Generate cards in a few clicks, top up your prepaid card with the mainstream cryptocurrency after purchase, and immediately use it anywhere online that accepts MasterCard. You can also use the card to pay your gaming, entertaining, live streaming, or other online related services to the very best in privacy protection. Use your prepaid card number to top up the balance, which will give you more privacy without having an account and password.


● No Account

● No KYC

● Pay-as-you-go with Cryptocurrency

● Meet anonymity needs

● Enhanced Security

● No risk of theft and fraud

● Speed and flexibility

We would like to stress that You are important to us and look forward to offering the world’s best instant online prepaid card with cryptocurrency. Please contact us at should you have any questions concerning the matter and don’t hesitate to ask for more help.
Get your card now!!

Partner with us with the special offer

No matter whether you are a retailer, online retailer, B2B reseller, or just an individual who wishes to offer LINK NODE Gift Card to your customers or to yourself, this is no doubt your top-notch option. Earn the special price offered by WageCan with the Promo Code “STAYHOME” to grab a card for USD 9.99 instead of USD 19.99 until June 30th, 2020.

The future of virtual card payments

The usage of virtual cards is growing at almost 10% annually. By 2021, virtual card spending is expected to surpass that of traditional purchasing cards and checks. The global market for prepaid cards is projected to reach $3.1 trillion by 2022, driven by the growing need for financial inclusion of unbanked consumers, provision of innovative card features and services, increasing volumes of online transactions, and rising demand for cost-effective electronic payment solutions.

In conclusion

Being known as long-lasting and the best card service provider in the industry, WageCan has always committed to providing trustworthy products and staying responsible growth. Link Node is undoubtedly highly recommended by us to our loved customers. Don’t miss out. Seize the chance and enjoy it!

Kind Regards,

The WageCan Team




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