Pleasant Exclusive Limited Offers from WageCan

Referral Code as well as FREE One-Year LuxPin Elite Membership

WageCan has successfully implemented critical and challenging milestones over the past few months, which have made WageCan a truly valuable asset, and the ways to obtain and apply it will continue to evolve. We are more than excited to unveil the upgraded Official Website of WageCan which comes with a brand-new look and enhanced features. We have completely upgraded the website for an overall improved user experience, optimal service quality, and efficiency. With a cleaner layout, our customers, partners, and interested parties can learn about who we are and what we do straightaway.

We actively partner with several different major brands and companies, where the use of our technologies will have an exceptional Win-Win effect for the further overall development of the project and all partners. Lots of new participants rush in for the past few weeks and we are happy to welcome everyone. Furthermore, we would like to inform and congratulate you that you will…

1. earn a USD $5 Referral Bonus for both you and your friends once they enroll at WageCan and finish account verification.

2. receive an exclusive limited offer of FREE one-year LuxPin Elite Membership, which is worth USD $600 value, plus a FREE LuxPin Debit Card, for personal use or as an awesome gift for friends, valid till 12/31/20 if you purchase investment products up to USD $10,000 at WageCan.

Apart from the above, we’d like to remind you that the Promo Code “HAPPYHOLIDAY” previously launched is still live, allying with our trustworthy partners LuxPin physical debit card and Link Node virtual card, valid till 01/02/2021, which is also a fabulous offer to show our gratitude in this holiday season.

To lead more people into digital asset management, WageCan offers a way to purchase digital assets directly with a credit card or bank account in the digital wallet and debit card that can be used daily. WageCan supplies one-stop wealth management services for users from opening a bank account to invest the portfolio once users receive their wage. Get access to digital asset investment to the mainstream with even a small percentage of the salary periodically, so everyone can participate in the potential returns without having to deal with the complex technology typically associated with digital asset investments and create considerable wealth.

You can not only trade and invest in BTC, USDT, and USDC DeFi projects on the WageCan platform but also withdraw to your account via wire transfer, LuxPin physical cards, and Link Node virtual cards freely and smoothly. Other mainstream digital assets trading will be coming soon. Explore the WageCan DeFi on-board projects and enjoy even up to high triple-digit annualized return regardless of market volatility.

Head over to to get started today and reach out to us through our various social media handles. Convenience is key in this day and age and at WageCan, we are looking to give our loyal users the most out of their experience and in the most secure fashion. We bring our users a broad range of conveniences when it comes to being part of the world of cryptocurrencies. Users can log in to and reap the benefits of the many services provided. Together we are shaping a new future! Follow the news on our social networks, and do not forget to invite new users with your Referral Code. It is always more fun and profitable to move forward together!




All you need to know about Blockchain, and occasionally some announcements for WageCan’s services.

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All you need to know about Blockchain, and occasionally some announcements for WageCan’s services.

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