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Date: 10/15/2021

“I don’t think crypto’s a fad, I don’t think it’s going away.” — James Gorman, Morgan Stanley CEO

Weekly News Report:

1. The run-up in the price of the Dogecoin spinoff Shiba Inu (SHIB) so far in October sprinted past popular blockchain protocols like Stellar and Polygon to…

Date: 10/07/2021

“For the first time ever, my crypto exposure is greater than gold.” — Kevin O’Leary, entrepreneur and Shark Tank star

Weekly News Report:

1. Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, surged past $54,000 to the highest in almost five months as bullishness returns to the market following the prior…

Date: 10/01/2021

“If you sell your bitcoin because an authoritarian government doesn’t like it, you don’t understand Bitcoin.” — Lina Seiche, editor and managing director at the BTC Times

Weekly News Report:

1. Bitcoin shot to nearly $48,000 during Oct. 1 as a classic “short squeeze” liquidated over $270 million…

The Long-Awaited WageCan Card is Back!

Now! WageCan is launching the cutting-edge “WageCan Wiser Card” with more multifunctional features to fully meet users’ needs. It gives you the power to use crypto in real life to break down barriers anytime and anywhere.

Date: 09/27/2021

“A large number of Chinese users will flood into the DeFi world, and the number of users of MetaMask and dYdX will greatly increase. All Chinese communities are discussing how to learn defi.” — Colin Wu, China-based crypto reporter

Weekly News Report:

1. Binance has announced some changes…

Date: 09/24/2021

“In the long run, it won’t matter if the price of #bitcoin was .01 or .03 or .05 million dollars when you bought it.” — Michael Saylor

Weekly News Report:

1. FTX moves headquarters from Hong Kong to the Bahamas. The move comes as regulators around the world…

Date: 09/20/2021

“No one person could’ve possibly come up with all of the uses for Ethereum, but it did take one person’s idea to get it started. From there, a new world has opened up, and given rise to new ways of leveraging blockchain technology.” — Ohanian, Reddit co-founder


Date: 09/17/2021

“We have erected this statue to remind ourselves courage is virtue. We need to keep on dreaming big.” — Debreczeni Barnabás, CEO of Hungarian crypto exchange Shinrai

Weekly News Report:

1. PayPal officially announced on Friday that all eligible customers in the United Kingdom can now buy, hold…

Date: 09/14/2021

“I think investors and potential investors have nothing to be scared about. Governments that realize the true potential of cryptocurrencies and bring in policies to support the innovation will be the leaders of the future.” — Evan Luthra

Weekly News Report:

1. The price of litecoin surged Monday…

Date: 09/10/2021

“Right now we’re dealing with a centralized, manipulated marketplace. This puts it into the open crypto and NFT marketplaces.” — Josh Katz, YellowHeart CEO

Weekly News Report:

1. Blockchain cybersecurity company GK8 announces custody partnership with Stellar, a move that could spark institutional interest in the Stellar Lumen…


All you need to know about Blockchain, and occasionally some announcements for WageCan’s services.

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