Date: 07/30/2021

“GameFi will be the popular engine of the Web 3.0 domain.” — Andre Cronje, the founder of DeFi platform

Weekly News Report:

1. Yield Guild Games (YGG), a collective of play-to-earn gamers, completed its initial DEX offering via SushiSwap’s Miso platform in under a minute earlier on Tuesday. The $12.6-million initial DEX offering of play-to-earn collective Yield Guild Games sold out in just 31 seconds to just 32 participants.

2. The city of Miami is launching its own cryptocurrency in August, and city officials expect it to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez…

Date: 07/26/2021

“We’re not selling any Bitcoin, nor am I selling anything personally or nor is SpaceX selling any Bitcoin.” — Elon Musk

Weekly News Report:

1. Amazon has published a job listing for a “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead,” at its Seattle offices. It appears that Amazon is looking to delve deeper into digital currency and blockchain technology with a new job posting on its website. The listing is for a Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead to be a part of its Seattle-based Payments Acceptance & Experience team. …

Date: 07/23/2021

“I’m a crypto guy and I don’t want to be known as a crypto person,” he said. “I want to be known as a problem solver.” — Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio

Weekly News Report:

1. Georgia, the eastern European country, is putting some of its wine on the blockchain, enabling investors and enthusiasts to track provenance and buy and sell associated NFTs. It has partnered with Norway-based blockchain trading platform WiV Technology in a bid to bring the country’s wine to a wider audience and enhance its reputation.

2. The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has launched…

Date: 07/16/2021

“I think the underlying technology of blockchain is really incredible and has lots of different things, particularly in fintech and finance.” — Steven Mnuchin

Weekly News Report:

1. Authorities in Malaysia destroyed more than $1.2 million worth of Bitcoin mining rigs after they were confiscated for operating illegally. Police in the city of Miri on the island of Borneo and the Sarawak Energy company arranged for a steamroller to run over 1,069 Bitcoin miners.

2. Bank of America approves bitcoin futures trading for some clients. Due to a large amount of margin required to trade the futures, it…

Date: 07/12/2021

“In the next year or two, [bitcoin] is going to be outpacing the S&P 500 and other assets.” — Nicholas Marten, Digifox CEO

Weekly News Report:

1. The 47th Copa America, the premier soccer tournament for South American international teams, concluded Saturday with Argentina beating Brazil 1–0 in the final. To commemorate the tournament, CONMEBOL has joined with Ethernity Chain to mint the trophy as an NFT.

2. Among a handful of global prominent voices backing Bitcoin and its future potential, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called Bitcoin a “unique mathematical formula” and a “miracle of technology” at a…

Date: 07/09/2021

“By introducing this innovative payment option to our luxury sale, we open up new possibilities and expand our reach into a whole new clientele.” — Wenhao Yu, deputy chairman of Sotheby’s Jewellery in Asia

Weekly News Report:

1. The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) surged to new highs in the second quarter, with $2.5 billion in sales so far this year, up from just $13.7 million in the first half of 2020, marketplace data showed.

2. Visa said Wednesday that its cryptocurrency-backed credit card is growing in popularity. The company’s chief financial officer said that users of the…

Can cryptocurrencies transform the future of payroll execution or can they go on to become a substantial recruiting driver, especially the ones living in some of the biggest cities around the world? Just pick up any blockchain news magazine, the answer to all the questions mentioned above would be in the affirmative. Blockchain payment adoption is growing fast because it offers an easy way to send and receive payments on a global scale. In a world where people are using the Internet for all types of services, crypto is definitely the future. Besides promising the easiest way to manage asset…

Date: 07/05/2021

“Public procurement is one of the main avenues of corruption and wastage in government. Blockchain is a possible solution to problems surrounding inefficiencies in registration titling systems.” — Van Niekerk, co-founder and CEO of SettleMint

Weekly News Report:

1. The number of coins held by whale entities — clusters of addresses controlled by a single network participant holding 1,000 to 10,000 BTC — rose by over 80,000 to 4.216 million BTC on Friday, hits a two-month high in bullish sign. Blockchain data shows wealthy investors are coming back to the bitcoin market.

2. Wyoming has legalized a decentralized…

Date: 07/02/2021

“Over the past year, Bitcoin & S&P 500 along with all commodities below outperformed Gold. The most obvious explanation is that Gold is losing its utility as a Store of Value in the marketplace.” — Michael Saylor

Weekly News Report:

1. Shinhan Bank, one of South Korea’s oldest modern banks, has joined the Governance Council of a public blockchain network developed by Klaytn, the arm of internet messaging giant Kakao. Additionally, Shinhan will develop a number of Klaytn-based digital services for South Korea’s fintech ecosystem.

2. HSBC has gone live on the United Arab Emirates’ know-your-customer (KYC) blockchain…

Date: 06/28/2021

“Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy.” — Michael Saylor

Weekly News Report:

1. According to a June 28 filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Morgan Stanley equity fund owns 28.2K shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, offering further evidence of wider institutional acceptance of digital assets.

2. Germany’s financial market watchdog BaFin on Monday granted the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase permission to provide crypto custody services and proprietary trading, the first license…


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