Date: 12/17/2021

“I am a huge believer in this technology. The efficiency benefits in the financial system and otherwise from tokenization are immense.” — Jay Clayton, the former SEC chair

Weekly News Report:

1. Step Finance, the “front page of Solana blockchain,” has launched a $5 million fund utilized for…

Date: 12/10/2021

“Crypto is really about the Cantillion Effect

The Fiat Standard: The Fed owns the Cantillion Effect (the rich get richer)

The Bitcoin Standard: The people own the Cantillion Effect (the early adopter gets richer)

Maximalism: Shitcoins are a scam to seize the Cantillion Effect”

— Willy Woo


Date: 12/06/2021

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” — Warren Buffett

Weekly News Report:

1. WisdomTree, a financial institution with over $76 billion in assets under management, announced it had created four cryptocurrency indices in the United States and Europe to provide diversified portfolio…

Date: 12/03/2021

“The future of the financial industry is built on blockchain technology.” — NBX CEO Stig Kjos-Mathisen

Weekly News Report:

1. Digital payments company Square announced that it has changed its company name to Block, seemingly in a shift towards blockchain technology. Square said the rebrand will bring the…

Date: 11/29/2021

“Everyone has double-digit inflation if they measure it correctly and needs Bitcoin more than they realize.” — Michael Saylor

Weekly News Report:

1. Bitcoin led the crypto market to its third straight day of recovery from a “Black Friday” sell-off amid diminishing fears. Bitcoin led the crypto market…

Date: 11/26/2021

“Compared to the $10 billion that companies like Facebook plan to invest, and the amounts that could follow from other companies and venture capitalists, the Metaverse is in its early innings.” — Grayscale

Weekly News Report:

1. The crypto market on Thursday, the U.S. Thanksgiving Day holiday, was…

Date: 11/22/2021

“We believe in the potential of blockchain and digital assets including the benefits of efficiency, instant processing, fractionalization, programmability, and transparency.” — Emily Turner

Weekly News Report:

1. Mercado Libre, the largest e-commerce company in Latin America by market value, will enable users in Brazil to buy, sell…

Date: 11/19/2021

“History reports that the men who can manage men manage the men who can manage only things, and the men who can manage money manage all.” — Will Durant

Weekly News Report:

1. The iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is marching its way to the blockchain. The department…

Date: 11/15/2021

“VCs, bankers, bureaucrats in charge of budgets are monetary aristocrats.” — Jimmy Song

Weekly News Report:

1. At 5:15 UTC (00:15 EST) on Sunday, Nov. 14, Taproot, the long-anticipated Bitcoin upgrade, activated at block 709,632, opening the door for developers to integrate new features that will improve privacy…


All you need to know about Blockchain, and occasionally some announcements for WageCan’s services.

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